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Fav. Mom Tips and Resources for the Faith- filled Mom

Motherhood is hard. There are endless books, podcasts, Influencers, etc. to go to as a mom to find information, tips, and tricks. While the information most of the time is super helpful, it can be overwhelming. As a mom of Faith, trying to instill Kingdom purpose into my children, I stress at times over what I should be teaching, how I should be parenting, and who I should be turning to for advice as a mom!

In this blog post, I’m sharing 3 tips for parenting from a position of Faith as a mom for my Faith-filled mommas out there! I’ll be covering:

  • Why prayer is the starting point for our parenting

  • How to push through overwhelming motherhood moments

  • Building a community of life-giving support around you

At the end of the post, I will also share my 3 favorite resources for the faith-filled mom.

I went from 0-3 children in the span of 4 years. During this time, my husband and I also opened our own business, I changed job positions, and we gutted and renovated a foreclosure to move into.

Life was extremely overwhelming and I was in so many new roles and places that I had never been. I quickly realized that there was no way I could figure this whole new mom thing out on my own. I was reminded that God goes with me into each new season, so I began to ask Him to reveal himself to me in these new places. During this transitional time into motherhood, three things helped more than anything else!

#1 Prayer is the starting point for our parenting

Philippians 4:6 tells us “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

I don’t know about you, but I can easily give into anxiety as a mom. I forget that God is in control. I think we can confuse authority and control as parents. God has given us authority to raise our children, but He is still seated in His position of ultimate authority and control. We have no guarantees, except that God is with us as we parent our children. When we surrender and partner with God through prayer, we can parent from the overflow of Christ within us.

#2 We can push through overwhelming motherhood moments

Let’s go ahead and make this disclaimer: You will feel overwhelmed as a mom. Just expect it, because it will happen at one point or another. The goal is not to never feel overwhelmed, but to instead choose not to let the overwhelm tank the ship. Feelings have a time and a place but they should not be in the driver seat of our motherhood. When we allow our feelings to lead us, we end up cranky, emotional and crippled as we try to keep up with the demands of motherhood. A few tips for overcoming overwhelming moments: pray and surrender your day/kids to God, get the children outside or in the bath for a few minutes and play some worship music for yourself to reset your mind, and finally stop the to-do list and just sit with your children for a minute. A lot of the overwhelm comes when we feel like our children are disrupting our plans. The best way to reset that mindset is to stop our plans and see our kids.

#3 Build a life-giving support system around you

Everyone you know isn’t going to be right to speak into your motherhood. Mommy Wine culture is rampant. Even in Christian circles and communities, we can be more inclined to complain about our kids instead of speaking life about them. What kind of community is pouring into you? Do your friends speak negatively about their own kids? Maybe limit those interactions with them. Does your extended family speak about your kids in a nagging way? Don’t listen to it. Find a community of moms that can speak truth into you during your hardest moments. It doesn’t have to be an army. Just 2-3 Kingdom-minded friends can change the trajectory of your parenting. If you don’t know where to find that, start with prayer!


If you need a good community, I’d love to be a part of it. You can join the faith-filled mom email list to have some Kingdom-focused support. I also would love to speak life through an encouragement call if that is what you need!


Jordan’s 3 Favorite Resources :

  • Lifeway’s Levels of Biblical Learning

This is my #1 favorite resource of ALL time! It gives you what your child should know about God,

Jesus, Holy Spirit, the Bible, Salvation, Creation, Church, People, Family, and Community & World

all the way from Babies up through High School. It’s seriously a treasure cove of information. You

can find it here.

  • Phylicia Masonheimer

Phylicia Masonheimer is my favorite Instagram influencer to follow for moms. She teaches Theology

and is the founder of Every Woman a Theologian. She gives great practical tips for moms walking

out their faith. You can follow her on Instagram here.

  • 9 Traits of a Life-giving Mom by Sue Detweiller

This book is such an easy read for moms and is all about The fruits of the Spirit in motherhood. You

can grab it here.


Jordan is a mom of three, and the Preschool Ministry Coordinator at her church. She has a Masters in School Counseling and taught for 9 years before transitioning into part-time ministry and full-time motherhood. She helps overwhelmed moms get rid of the stress and pain of parenting by putting into place practical faith-filled tips for their motherhood journey.

Find out more about Jordan and what she offers at:


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