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3 Ways to Prepare Your Heart for the School Year


Hey sweet Momma!!

I’ve been thinking about you and praying over this topic!

First, as a mother of 3, and secondly as

an elementary school guidance counselor...

I want you to know that I completely

understand and see what you are feeling

and going through right now...

So, to help you with this transition,

I’ve listed 3 ways below that you can prepare

your heart for this new school year!

-Jordan Whitlock


As a new school year begins, new emotions, anxieties, and worries can come alongside it. The last three years have been a trying time for everyone. Each year we wonder if school will be normal for us and especially for our children. I know that anxiety is high right now for a lot of parents as they send their children off to school.

Here are 3 practical tips on how you can better prepare your heart for this new school year!


Pray for the School Year

I probably sound like a broken record, because my go to in every situation is to always start with prayer. I will always remind you to pray in every circumstance because prayer invites God into each circumstance. It is the first step to surrendering each area to God. Pray for your child, for their teacher, and for you as you love and lead them this school year.

“Pray constantly, give thanks in everything; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

-1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Plan a Healthy Routine

I am not a routine, organized person. I want to be; I try to be; but it is an area I struggle with. The reality is, we all thrive more when we have a daily, weekly, and monthly routine and rhythm in place.

According to Web MD, “Researchers have found links between family routines and children's social skills and academic success.”

Here are a few great books for helping set a routine and create better habits.


Schedule Playtime with your Kids

School takes up a huge amount of our weekly time. Your children are in school for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. It is so important for our children to feel loved and connected to us as parents. When school starts back, and daily demands become more, we can get so caught up in the prep work and schedule that we forget to step into our child’s world with them. It is so important that we are intentional in this area.

You are your child’s first teacher. I want to encourage you to set aside a few minutes a day, and an hour a week to play with your children. This will help the overall family health. You will all be happier, and filled with more joy this school year if you spend time doing fun things together. The art of play is a beautiful thing.


I hope you and your family have a wonderful school year this year!

Pray, Plan, and Play your way through it,

and it will be the best year ever!!!


Jordan is a mom of 3, and an Elementary School Guidance Counselor. She has a Masters in School Counseling and taught for 9 years before transitioning into part-time counseling and full-time motherhood. She helps overwhelmed moms get rid of the stress and pain of parenting by putting into place practical faith-filled tips for their motherhood journey.

Find out more about Jordan and what she offers at:


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